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June 2021 in my hosta garden

My garden is my sanctuary and my gym. It is a lot of physical work to maintain, but so rewarding. I hope you all are finding the good in your gardens, too.

Tuff Stuff hydrangea with Tom Terrific

Mophead and variegated hydrangeas with Orange Marmalade (background), Komodo Dragon, and Paradise Glory

Light pink mophead hydrange with wounded Wolverine and healthy Doubled Up and June Spirit

Annabelle hydrangea with Touch of Class (background) and Inniswood

Lily, unknown

Mostly fragrants Stained Glass, Guacamole and Secret Love. Also pictured are Last Dance (not One Last Dance), Fluted Fountain, Electrocution, and hints of Deja Blu and Spartacus.

Lots here, so just the big ones as Climax, Royal Standard and Fragrant Bouquet

Cup of Grace bloomed very early this year, but Pea Pod did not.

How adorable is Tick Tock?!

Yellow lily

Tokudama flavicircinalis

Easter lily (Asiatic?) and Sunshine Glory

Butterfly weed and coneflowers. The butterfly garden is humming.

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