Better shower option: narrower and longer, or square?

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We are weighing two different bathroom design options that require different shower dimensions, and curious about thoughts on shower size. This bathroom is going into an existing space that is very tightly constrained, so we don't have room to increase these dimensions.

Option A has a shower with an interior dimension of 32" x 48" (27" x 47" at base) with an 18" vanity.

Option B has a shower with an interior dimension of 36" x 36" (31" x 35" at base) with a 24" vanity.

We have used showers of both sizes so know that they are both fine, if tight, and we don't have a strong preference between the two. Both meet our local codes. Which is preferable, though? (The two plans have some other pros and cons in addition to the vanity size that we are balancing alongside the shower dimensions, but it would be helpful to know if people other than us have strong opinions in favor of one or the other, since we don't!)

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