MDF waterfall kitchen island -- specs?

Carol WC
last month
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Hey everyone, I have a question about eat in kitchen islands. My husband and I are redoing our kitchen (last pic below is what our kitchen will look like). We are both handy and have pretty extensive experience in construction and building.

We are wanting a 2 cm (~3/4") waterfall countertop on the island (first two pics below are inspo). Ideally we would do quartz, but it's just not in our budget at this point. So, we decided we would build the countertops with MDF substrate and pour epoxy to make them look like marble. We have limited experience working with epoxy MDF countertops.

My question is, does anyone know what the building specs are for 3/4" MDF substrate countertops? Overhang/reinforcement requirements, span lengths, etc.? I have searched the internet and haven't found much.

Any input is appreciated, thank you!

First and second pics are island waterfall inspo. Last pic is the rough rendering of what our kitchen will look like.

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