material suggestions needed for new pool build

5 months ago

We are finally underway with our new pool. Pool was dug last week and rebar installed. It will be free form and saltwater. We had many ideas coming into this and now that we are in it and realizing there is such a backlog for materials we are unsure how to proceed and if we should change materials. We have not ordered materials yet. We had planned on using blu 60 techo bloc pavers for pool deck and bullnose coping. Then photo hunting and color selections made me question that decision and we thought we wanted techo bloc travertina pavers/slabs and Bali travertina coping. Now that there’s a major delay with techo bloc material we are considering stamped concrete. Hubby likes that it is less expensive and more readily available. I’m doing the Research here and reading many cons against it. Now reading here that bullnose coping is dated. I want a smooth edge if I want to sit at the pool edge and thought bullnose would be most comfortable. Should we rethink the edge too?Found pics of Indiana limestone I like. Not sure if this will have a major delay in material?

I thought I wanted stacked stone on the raised beam and spa but am reading here that look is dated. I really like the glass tiles and want them at my waterline so maybe we should consider that for the raised beam as well . Not sure how well they will go with the boulders my hubby wants on grotto though. So many things I’m second guessing and we are running out of time for decisions! Please help.

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