Disfigured Holly stem


Not an ID but I am sure you can help me.

In my quest for definately sexed Ilex plants, I now have 1 x Ilex aquifolium M, 2 x I. aquifolium F, and 1 I. aquifolium ' Argentea Marginata' F.

The all came from a very reputable nursery, Burncoose in Cornwall. The 'Argentea Marginata' that were available, were nice, but only half the size of the I. aquifolium. Talking to one of the lovely ladies, I asked if maybe(?) there might be some larger ones "out the back".

What she found, in the propagation tunnel, was one nice sized one, but it had a bad mark on the stem but all the growth above was fine.

I am fairly sure that if it was diseased, the horticulturalists would have isolated or heaved it, rather than leave it where it could infect other plants.

Not being willing to assume anything, I thought to ask for opinions of the Gurus.

What thinks you?


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