Word of warning-cleaning outdoor light fixtures

last month

As Julie Chen would say, But first! Is there another cleaner stronger than windex for bug goop on glass?

I completely forgot about cleaning the two carriage style lamps on the front porch until I noticed they were filthy inside. My fear has always been spiders up in the fixtures and I was prepared to get one out if necessary. The bottom of the lamp doesn't have glass so it's open for idiots to stick their head up at the opening where the eye is exposed to the inside. What did I see? A huge wasps nest and a baby nest right behind it. That's the area I like to work at! There were only a couple of wasps inside and I didn't want to wait until tonight to spray (Raid wasp and hornet spray, the best), so DH did it for me and saturated the nest so the rest of them wouldn't come back to sleep for the night.

It never occured to me a nest could be in there. I'm usually on guard about that stuff. The past few years we acquired Carpenter Bees only on the patio, and now DS has them buzzing around his front porch. They like unpainted wood. They swarm around the unpainted picnic table and benches. It's the males flying around and they won't bother you.

DS has a lot of unpainted trim on his house and porches. Yesterday he told me while sitting on the porch in a chair with metal arms, he saw a bee come out of the hollow area at the end of an arm. After spraying with Raid Wasp and Hornet, a dozen came out and died.

I had Terminix spray under the table and it didn't bother them at all, now I need to find where they sleep. They dig holes and I think bury the eggs and queen inside, cover the hole, so I can see how they'd be hard to kill.

Bee careful! :)

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