COVID - definitive rules on "intra"-international travel

3 months ago

Does anyone have a good source that is up to date about vaccinated Americans travelling in Europe.

I was under the impression that "Europe" was open, but I am apparently mistaken and/or it may be in flux. For example, I think the UK just suspended travel to Portugal. Perhaps only the EU is open or the Schengen.

I have an ambitious itinerary planned for the holidays. We plan to fly into Munich, then head to Kitzbuhel in the Austrian Alps, then a few days in Vienna, NYE in Prague, and lastly a few days in Krakow before we head home. If we have to test in each country or quarantine, obv it is not doable.

What I am not able to verify, is whether we can go between all of those countries freely? Moreover, are the rules for citizens the same as for international travelers? For example, my DD will be in Greece, a very short ferry ride from Turkey, where she has a friend from middle school. I think the friend, who has dual citizenship and is vaxxed, can go to Greece. But I *think* DD cannot go to Turkey from Greece, although she can go to Greece from the US and to Turkey from the US.

I know that everyone is starting to travel again, so I want to finalize our arrangements, but I keep reading different answers.

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