Cold hardy citrus in WA state update June 2021

4 months ago

These are growing outside in the ground in Olympia, WA (climate zone 8a). For the most part they were not covered, and survived through the winter.
These special rare and hard-to-find varieties have more hardiness than normal citrus varieties, which would not be able to survive here. All pictures taken June 12, 2021.

The two Ichang papeda plants have begun putting out new leaf growth

Here is the Bloomsweet. It is looking good, leaves are a very healthy green color and it has recently grown out a big new branch, which grew out very rapidly. In the background you can also see a Yuzu plant (also doing well, grafted on rootstock) and the edge of a special hardy Parfianka hardy pomegranate plant.

The Bloomsweet is not as hardy as the other hardy varieties. It is probably only just slightly hardier than Satsuma mandarin. (I'd say this is more of a zone 8b variety) For this reason it is about 70 cm away in front of a south-facing brick wall, in a warmer spot. (and I did put a paper grocery bag over it with a container of water inside to cover it just during the coldest three days in winter, but otherwise it was uncovered the rest of the winter)

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