What color should these cabinets be painted?

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Hello. I am back. I posted a while back about trying to find LVT to go with Honey Oak Kitchen Cabs & Trim.

My husband was dead set against painting the cabs & woodwork. I personally like our trim in oak.

He has come around & may be willing to let me paint the cabinets because there aren't many. The trim is out of the question. We have black appliances & light counters. The fridge & dishwasher are new and the range & microwave are next to new. There are so many projects of things that need replacing that anything that functions will not be replaced for cosmetic/décor reasons & I know that limits me.

So considering we can paint the cabs, the next decision is what color for the cabinets?

And if they get painted, what does this open us up to for LVT floor-which will cover the whole main living area with that honey oak trim? I 2 floors I like, but I don' t know if the honey oak trim next to this will look right.


This is the picture of the kitchen...since this picture, the walls have all been painted white dove.

EDIT TO ADD: My main floor is living room, small kitchen, dining room. The kitchen & dining have laminate & living room wall to wall with green ceramic tile at door entry, all original to when house was built. It all has to go!!! I want one cohesive flooring. It has to be LVT because of the kitchen & we have no foyer or mudroom so those entry ways are exposed to a lot. Tile is out, our neighbors have had issues with tile cracking I think it has to do with weather changes & the soil here.

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