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new kitchen layout - downdraft to ductless - worth it?

LaVie EnRose
last year

Question: Is a much better kitchen layout worth switching to a ductless hood while using an induction stovetop? We’re changing the entire layout of the kitchen to create more open space, convenience, and just better aesthetics. With our previous layout, we were using a downdraft with our electric stove. We plan to switch to an induction stove top and due to the new location of the stove (against wall sharing a hallway with no easy access to exterior) we will need to use a ductless hood. Extending the duct for a downdraft would also be pretty tough. A part of me figured it wouldn’t be a big change from a downdraft, especially since we’re switching to induction - does anyone have any experience or insight to this? Since I’m still in the design phase, I would appreciate any advice! Thank you!

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