Clematis Florida Sieboldii

7 days ago

About 5 years ago I purchased bareroot clematises from Costco. One of them was Florida Sieboldii. I potted them up and kept them in pots for a couple years then gave some away and planted some. By this time I didn’t know what was what because I lost the labels and one clematis was the wrong one. Not all of the plants had bloomed yet either. I planted this one and a couple others near an old apple tree. We ended up having the apple tree removed and the stump ground. I moved the others ones (both Jackmanii) to other spots. I think this one had died back so I didnt do anything with it. I noticed it last year, but it was eaten by bunnies and I forgot about it. Again, I saw it starting to grow this year and that it formed buds. I assumed it was a Jackmanii until it opened. I’m super surprised that it was this finicky clematis! It’s been neglected for a long time lol. Now that I known what it is I would like to move it, but I think I would be pressing my luck doing that lol.

I’ll post another picture when it opens all the way.

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