quartz range hood box support

7 days ago

Looking for tips to provide my framer to create a range hood box that supports 3/4" quartz wrapped on 3 sides: 36" wide x 24" tall x 20" deep

The range hood will only be attached to the wall and not the ceiling.

One installer suggested the framer create the box and clad it with cement board to mortar the quartz to the box. Another said it can be a plywood box which the quartz will be glued to.

It was also suggested that clips at the bottom be installed to help support the quartz but we don't want to see any supports underneath the range hood.

Any suggestions on how best to support the quartz (glue or cement) and whether we need additional clips, ledges, or something else to help support the weight of the quartz from the inside of the box.

Similar to this picture:

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