Friday After Three Rounds of Heavy Rain

9 days ago
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We had some hard rain that fell last evening, and then we got two rounds of thunderstorms in the early morning hours. The results were more than a thousand blooms battered, splotchy or unable to open. I'll show you some of the few that still looked good, and amazingly a lot of them are seedlings.

Kara Louise had two out of three blooms that looked great. I can't say enough good things about this red. Diver Down, with one bloom shown shorter than Kara Louise, also had three pretty good blooms, but they were not close together. The Bill Norris blooms could not quite open.

My early white seedling showed no damage whatsoever from the storms.

English Lavender's ffo had a pretty nice opening. This flower is on a tall scape. The other two scapes are short. I've had no increase on this plant in three years, probably likely to grubs.

Violet Sabrewing had one good bloom out of three.

Roaring Rapids was looking lovely, but it still isn't showing any teeth.

Speaking of teeth, I found this ffo in one of the seedling beds this morning. This is a one-year-old out of (Alan Lane Agin x Cosmic Sensation) x Betty Bush. Since most of my registered toothies are still not showing much bite, I thought the teeth on this one were promising. So far, I've gotten two dark purples out of this cross. I was hoping for some purples and some reds.

This is the second bloom on this Dancing Flamingo kid. The scape is leaning a bit after the storms.

Valentine Dearest X Unk held up pretty well to all that rain.

This Sweet Prairie Wind kid show up as bitone last year. The lighter petals must have been the result of bug spray or deer deterrent. The red petal color is much deeper this season. My husband likes the shape of this one.

This Dragonfly Dawn kid lost some substance in the rain, but still had it's pretty pattern. This is the one that opened with a trio a few days ago.

More photos from yesterday afternoon in the comments.


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