F/S in SQ Bleach Dispenser

9 days ago

I had to go to the East Coast this week, leaving my partner to take care of things while I was gone. That included him helpfully doing 2 loads of laundry. I spoke to him on Wednesday and he excitedly told me I "used the Speed Queen". I got in last night at 10:30 pm. I went into the LR and looked at the washer and noticed a little bit of Tide in the FS dispenser (on the agitator). So I asked him if he put the detergent in there and he replied "no-I poured it around". So my next question was "did you use Fabric softener?" and his reply was "yes, I poured it in there" pointing to the bleach dispenser. I did my best not to overreact. I immediately ran the washer and put bleach in the dispenser. Googling this leads me to the fact that many people do that! Luckily I had switched to Snuggle from Downey which is not as thick a formulation.

I am not going to dismantle the machine, but is there anything else anyone recommends I do? Should I run the washer again, maybe jut put in a cup of water in the dispenser? I need to do a load of laundry in the next day, and don't want to use the SQ until I have done all I should do to fix this.

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