Finally First Blooms!

Grace Yu
14 days ago

The weather has been an absolute nightmare!! Here in upstate NY we have had some crazy fluctuations of 40 degree differences at least three times now since April. Went from a snow storm to 70s, back to snow to 80s, back to 40-30s and now to 90s?! My ranunculus are basically dead from nature’s swings 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I did want to share my first rose blooms that came to me so late this year. Compared to when they were in the ground, the blooms definitely are much smaller! Interestingly though, much more abundant! Way more blooms! They also tend to have smaller cane sizes. Olivia Rose Austin has a BUNCH of nodding canes I must cut off for its own good. Literally bends the canes down. Not sure if it’s the weather or also because they’re in pots, but they’ve been blowing pretty fast off the bush. Petals don’t drop, but they become tired and out of prime by the third day. By the fourth they look done. I have tried cutting but they last just two days! I do think it mostly has to do with the weather being so hot.

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