Do I expect too much?

Jennifer Lynn
last month

We hired a GC to renovate our kitchen - gut it, move plumbing and HVAC, and put it back together. I will note that “putting it back together” is drywall, flooring, cabinets, etc - not building walls (except for a small pony wall), putting in windows, etc.

The estimate was 6-8 weeks.

We are now at the end of week 8, and have an empty kitchen. It has drywall - unpainted - and that’s it. Half of the subfloor isn’t installed. We had our electrician and plumber do their things (which was communicated from the beginning). The delays are always because of an excuse. The GC is rarely here. The two guys who are here work maybe six hour days if you take out the two hour lunch. One of the guys knows what he’s doing. Some days, they don’t show up at all, and without a word.

We’ve had numerous talks with the GC, and to no avail. Same behavior. Excuses, delays that aren’t his fault, no communication.

We have been living in two rooms of our house for two months with no end in sight and I’m ready to go postal. Until this point, my husband has talked to him and we have kept it civil because we JUST WANT IT DONE. We are spending a lot of money on this - upwards of $70K - yet there seems to be no sense of urgency on his part. It is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever experienced.

I have a corporate job with a lot of stress and deadlines. Excuses aren’t tolerated after the first one. I don’t care if you do it on a weekend or stay late a few nights a week. You made the commitment - do whatever it takes to deliver, even if that means that you have to stay later than 4pm some days.

It would be one thing if they were over here killin’ it, but they work at half speed when they show up. Is this how contractors work? Lately I’ve heard more horror stories than not....

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