Furniture for difficult Breakfast Nook

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I need help with furniture that will fit a small breakfast nook area. The nook is across from the kitchen island, with barstools facing away from the nook. The problem is finding a furniture design that will fit in the space, because there needs to be a walkway between the back of the barstools and the breakfast nook area. This is the only walkway between the bedrooms and living area of the house. The windows start 17" from the floor, so I'm not sure a bench or built in is appropriate.

Currently, I have two club chairs with a round table in between, just as a sitting area. I'm not opposed to this again, but since it's time to buy new furniture, I'd like to hear ideas of what might fit. This area seems to be where people congregate and the two chairs and two barstools don't seem to provide enough seating when company is around.

There is a dining room that seats 10 on the other side of the kitchen, as well as a table on the lanai. We can just move to other areas, if dining doesn't fit the space. I've been to some furniture stores, and most of their ideas are tables that are too big, or a table with 2 chairs. I feel like if I'm only going to have 2 chairs, then why not stick with the club chairs and at least let people be comfortable?

Another idea is to use bench(es). I suppose a table can be pushed up over the bench when not in use. I'm not sure how to measure the space that bench seating would need to be comfortable for legroom, or if an adult would be comfortable at all.

I'm attaching a few diagrams from the furniture salesman with his proposed layout. It has 2 benches and 2 chairs, and a very small walkway. The box at the bottom is simply to represent the space occupied by the bar stools. The current walkway is 44 inches and his plan only has 36. I don't think anything tighter than the current 44 is going to work.

Please help!

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