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Walnut Vanity - Finishes

Hello, I am remodeling a bathroom and having a custom vanity made. My carpenter is asking if I want a sealer added (of course I do) but I am hesitant to have him add it or do it myself (meaning my contractor husband).

My husband and I have zero experience working with walnut and we don't want to ruin it. I think it is beautiful as is and I absolutely love seeing the grain and the contrast between the light and darker colors in the walnut. I know that once we add the finish, the wood will darken and I am okay with that but I do tend to favor the light and dark contrast and am not so concerned with with blending the two colors in. I have read a lot of blog posts and watched videos and much of what I read or see talk about blending the sapwood and heartwood whereas, I like the contrast.

Based on my research so far, I am leaning towards using a waterlox but I still have no experience with what brand, how many coats, etc. I called the lumber yard where we purchased the wood and the owner suggested I use a sealer (clear) to protect it and then a satin (clear) finish but didn't specify what brands, sanding in between, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The simpler the process the better. We'd prefer a matte finish and are going for a more modern/industrial look. The vanity will be used in our bathroom so it needs to be protected from water.

Thank you!

This is my vanity in progress. The last picture is what the person building it offered to put on it.

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