Advice needed: Kitchen in new house is ugly, has an awkward layout

Megan Schmidt

We are first-time home-buyers who hopefully didn't bite off more than we can chew. We have an offer accepted on an arts & crafts/craftsman bungalow. Many of the home's features are original (coved ceilings, built-in cabinets, some stained glass) and in pretty good condition -- except for the kitchen.

I am having problems figuring out what to do about the odd layout that doesn't allow room to add much cabinetry. It's also very brown...

Since we will be purchasing the home and have a few higher priority items to address first once we move in ... major renovations like plugging up some windows to add wallspace for cabinets seems like it will be out of reach right for a while.

To make the kitchen more functional and less blah in the near-term ... my thoughts are:

  • Strip brown paint off the woodwork.
  • Add a big kitchen island with lots of storage.
  • Replace brown plastic tile with white subway tile.
  • Replace sink base and add cabinets above sink.
  • See if we can squeeze in a small cabinet next to the stove.
  • Eventually re-finish the maple floors. I don't think that the discolorations are water damage.

There is a decent-sized pantry, so I am grateful for that.

But is there anything else you think would help? Hopefully we didn't make a total rookie mistake to take on a home with a kitchen like this!

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