Anyone have a bad reaction to ant bites?

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14 days ago
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Well, I think more accurately - ant stings. I accidentally stuck my hand into an ant's nest when I went to un-pot something -- they didn't much like that... I had a small swarm on my wrist but after brushing them off (well, more accurately - after hurling a few choice words then brushing them off...) I didn't feel anything unusual and didn't notice anything in the way of sting marks. But oh my...did my wrist and thumb ever start to ache during the night. I got out of bed and iced it, but today it progressed to bad achy pain and at times pain shooting up the arm to the elbow. Iced it again and took some pain reliever, but still bothering me every time I move my wrist, thumb or index finger.

Today I can see red sting marks, but oddly enough, only a few on that arm that got swarmed, the other (non-swarmed) arm has more stings and feels perfectly fine. No swelling, either, which I find odd if it's some sort of inflammatory reaction. So wonder what the heck is going on. These weren't fire ants, they were just run-of-the-mill small garden ants. At first I thought the achiness was due to some planting I did aggravating my wrist, but I didn't do that much work, and this achy-shooty-pain is not what over-doing it normally feels like. Should I be concerned here? I can have the nurse I work with take a look at it in the morning, but just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this or maybe has any insight as to what's going on. Maybe I do have some sort of weird poisonous ants out here, who knows...

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