I'm doing a Hosta Talk

steve duggins(Z6a) - Central Ohio
last modified: yesterday

Just thought I'd float it out there that I'm doing a Hosta talk at the local garden club tomorrow. I'm trying not to bore them to death, so doing what excites me the most - looking at Hosta! Here's my outline:

Green Hosta

Blue Hosta

Yellow Hosta - Viridescent - Lutescent (Albescent)

Center variegated

Edge Variegated



Planting (briefly)

Issues (deer, slugs, rot, HVX)


I'm assuming I will run out of time before I run out of words (and pics) so I may have to cut my favorites (only 3). If they want to see them, they'll just have to invite me back. So many topics I'm leaving out - species, fragrant, dividing, beds, companion plants, more issues . . .

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