Is this Holy Mouse Ears?

Back in 2012 or 2014, when I was new to Hostas, someone gave me a mini with the tag included for "Holy Mouse Ears". I didn't think too much about it, just planted it, and let it be.

Eventually, as I learned more about named Hostas, I realized it didn't look right, with most of the leaves solid green. Over time the green leafed part grew and I divided it, but I left the coloured part with mama.

Here's a pic from 2018:

Today I finally dug it up and easily separated the green from the 3 teeny tiny coloured parts, which are now in a pot.

Three questions:

1) Does the potted part look like "Holy Mouse Ears?

2) Would the green leaves have a name?

3) How long should I leave the baby in the pot? Or should I put it in the ground now?


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