AC isn't working very well. Any tips please?

Beth B.


Plain and simple, my AC isn't cooling the house as quickly as last year. The last duct cleaning I had done was about 2 years ago and I changed the filter the other day. I don't know enough about AC units to know what else I can myselft to troubleshoot. Tried to google but info is all over the place. Yesterday when it was 90+ outside I couldn't get the AC to cool under 85 degrees. We kept the windows open all night and today it's doing a lot better (because of the new filter too maybe?) but still not as strong as last year, it's running constantly to keep the temp at 74 which is just under where it got to from the windows being open last night. It just seemed to struggle a lot less last year so I'm confused. If there is anything I can try before calling in an AC person who may charge an arm and a leg I'd REALLY appreciate the advice!!! I can be pretty handy, I just need to know what I'm looking at.

Details if you need them (well... as much as I know): Not sure when the unit was installed, I've lived here for 5 years and it didn't look new when I moved in. Home is 2 stories 2200 sq ft. AC doesn't seperate upstairs from the basement so the basement is always like 10 degrees lower. I keep all of the vents open and change the air filters regularly. We have 3 dogs so yes, although we vacuum regularly of course there is going to be pet hair getting in the vents. Umm... per the duct cleaner guy those were in good shape. I am keeping the AC unit clear of anything blocking it out back. The house has an awning all around it so I really don't get any direct sunlight during the day. All windows are kept closed during the day (AC is turned off when windows are open at night). Oh, and I live in Colorado so it's suuuuper dry here and has been really hot the past week. That's all I can think of.




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