Electric Dog Fence experiences with training?

Beth B.
14 days ago


We recently got an electric fence to fence in our backyard grass (where dogs can roam) from the bordering river rock. They were going nuts at the 2 neighbors dogs next to the fence (neighbors dogs do it too... it's awful though because all of the other neighbors suffer dealing with the barking). I need some advice from someone who has been through this situation. Sorry so long but I want to put in all details...

We are currently about a week into training. 2 of the 3 got shocked twice a few days ago. 1 heard the beep and associated it with a shock collar from when she was a puppy so she immediately caught on. It beeps about a foot from the line that they get a jolt.

Anyway, now a few of them barely leave the patio next to the grass and the third just lays/walks in the middle of the yard but stays WELL away from the edges. And the yard isn't super big so their play space is limited if they won't go anywhere close to the edge. Yesterday we started calling them and enticing them into the yard with treats which worked well! But we're also hesitant to go within a foot or so of the line because we don't want them to walk beyond us and get shocked by mistake for a command we requested they do.

It's at the lowest setting. I jolted myself to make sure it wasn't hurting them and it definitely doesn't hurt, just startles quite a bit, so I'm surprised they are acting so strongly! I thought training would be easier since the barrier marked by flags is very clearly the rock/grass line. Why aren't they picking up that they just can't go on the rocks but the grass is safe?

We had the trainer come out and they did well, all went on the grass. But they love friendly guests so that was part of it. Haha. He said they all know what's going on and at this point we need to let them roam, make their own mistakes, if they get a beep or jolt we immediately call them to us and give them a treat so we're always outside with them. But they can't make their own mistakes or learn if they won't even walk within 4 or 5 feet of the edge.

So that's it. And just want to address too, I know some people don't agree with these fences, please I'd appreciate it if we don't turn this into a debate. Pleast know we adore our pups and are doing everything by the book. I shocked myself to test it, we don't keep the collars on them when they aren't in the area. This was a last resort, we tried several other methods of training to no avail. We decided trying this would be better than a neighbor eventually calling the cops because our dogs are barking so much.

Oh, also that hasn't happened since we got the fence. So that's a start at least. Them having space to run and play is incredibly so important though. I hope at least someone read through this. Sorry so long! I appreciate any advice!!!

Sincere thanks,


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