Penny tile shower floor installation -

Sheri Nilsson
2 days ago
last modified: yesterday

Opinions, please. Our bathroom remodel is almost complete, but I am struggling with how the penny tile was laid. There are areas that have more space between them than others. Also where the penny tile meets the subway tile along the back wall - that looks wonky to me. On the left end tiles are under the subway. At the other end, they are out. In addition, the tiles themselves have grout around the edges. The contractor said that the penny tiles were just glued to the mesh crooked. The subway is also not flush. He blames the tile again. It was bowed. He doesn't sound like he is willing to fix it. I would have happily bought new tiles that were not crooked or bowed so that they could be installed properly. What are your expert opinions? Oh yeah - I have already paid him 85% of the job. He asked for that before the tile was completed.

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