Cost to remove portion of load bearing wall with gas stove

Hunter King
2 days ago

I'm strongly considering putting an offer down on a house, but I would love to have an idea of how much it might cost to remove a portion of what I assume is a load-bearing wall separating the kitchen from the tiny awkward dining space/hallway between the kitchen and bath and relocating the gas stove. This could be removing the wall entirely or (if significantly more cost-efficient) creating a larger doorway between the kitchen and weird dining space to allow more room to walk around a table. That would require reducing the size of the ground floor bedroom to create a nook for the stove in what is currently the bedroom doorway, building a new wall behind the stove, and creating a new doorway/two steps down for the bedroom.

For scale, the area being removed directly behind the stove is 4ft 2in.

If folks have other ideas for stove placement that don't involve cutting into the bedroom, would love to hear those too!

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