Please help! we ruined our kitchen remodel!

4 months ago

Our old dark cabinets were very banged up so we decided to order new doors and have them painted. We wanted to brighten up the kitchen but it doesn’t match the rest of the open floor plan which is much warmer . I hate the new floor. I didn’t want it but hubby insisted. I think it clashes with the tiger wood. I wanted a brighter kitchen not a colder kitchen and I don’t know if I can warm it up with wood tones and new lighting and wood table or should I replace the floor? I hate to do that but I’m not liking it. It actually didn’t look that bad when before when the bamboo was in there but it was damaged so we had to replace. Please help. I don’t know how to fix it! I don’t even know how we got here. The living/ dining area looks so different and doesn’t match. I’m so sad!

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