Can you help me identify these roses?

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Hi, I'm new to rose gardening. There are two similarly coloured roses which came with our property that I've always been curious about.

The first has hot pink to reddish pink blooms which open up to reveal pollen in their centres. They have a light 'green' scent, which reminds me a little of tomatoes, and flower from mid Spring to early Summer. The rose grows around 2 metres tall, and produces lots of long new canes which propagate quite well.

Rose #1:

The second has hot pink blooms which are fuller with more petals. They have a more noticeable sweet and 'rosey' scent, and flower from mid Spring to Fall. The rose grows around 1 metre tall. We haven't tried propagating it.

Rose #2:

Both roses are hardy and are mostly left to their own devices (the long new canes of the first rose occasionally need to be trimmed). I live in Ontario, Canada where we have snowy, below freezing Winters. We don't protect either of the roses at that time, but they always grow back.

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