Ponytail Palm Losing Leaves and Browning

Justin LeJeune
14 days ago


I’ve had a ponytail palm for about one year almost exactly. It started out full and thriving mostly indoors in my apartment (which tends to be on the drier side for humidity and receives a good amount of indirect sunlight). For perhaps 6 months out of the year, it prospered, and then throughout the winter and into this summer began having a tough time. It began with leaves browning, turning crispy, and dropping. Initially I thought this was normal as everything else looked healthy, but it continued until the plant began to look much more sparse from when I got it.

Fast forward to today, I recently fertilized it on schedule and placed it outside for the soil to dry quicker, trying to cautiously avoid overwatering. It almost appears to have gotten worse in just a few days outside despite the increased sun it is getting. The base of the leaves are now starting to look a little yellow/drained of color, which I imagine is not a good sign.

Does anyone know what I could have done wrong and if it’s possible to turn this around? I’ve searched all over the internet and can’t get a conclusive answer; would really appreciate advice from anyone with experience with these or similar plants.

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