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Kitchen appliances location, which is better?

last year

Hello all,

Haven't post things for so long.. giving ( you) a break :) :) . We will be start the house by the end of this month and I still haven't finalize the kitchen layout, which is important for the framer to have the window at the right location.

I have 2 kitchen layout, very similar, the major difference is where the appliances are located. We will be using a counter depth fridge to give us more walking space. My questions are:

I tend to prefer having the stove closer to the fridge as I would have more countertop space between stove and sink. What would be your suggestion?

Shallow cabinet by the Fridge ( 18" and if I buy Ikea it would be 15") : Would it look weird as the fridge would be 13" sticking out ( with side panel) if we don't recess the fridge into pantry.

Not sure how to fit a microwave as it is not deep enough for a unit. (I read in Houzz, some people remove the drywall and use the cavity of the2x4 to add room)

family room is just after the kitchen

Thanks for your comments

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