Thursday's Treasures

2 days ago
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There were some nice clumps today, and some cultivars have fewer splotches now.

Bill Norris on its tallest and best-budded scapes in at least 18 years.

Buddy's Black Eye with scapes the registered height this year.

Jungle Queen with shorter scapes than normal - a sure sign grubs got to it.

Here's a new seedling out of Jungle Queen and Applique. It has a nice tall scape with 18 buds. I didn't care for the ffo, but it looks pretty good today.

Aerial Applique

Dancing Flamingo had its first clean bloom of the season.

Endless Beauty is the sib to Dancing Flamingo. It had it's first clean bloom in three years today. It was a bonus from Floyd Cove. By the way it's never multiplied, but it sets seed easier than Dancing F, so I keep it. Dancing Flamingo is a very slow multiplier.

Grandma's Smile ffo

Flyng Blue Dragon ffo - I had this one a few years ago, but lost it in a pot one winter. I saw the price was so low on the Lily Auction this winter that I bought it again. I hope it will fare better in the ground. I do like it a lot.

Ocean Wild - This is a better picture than the first one I posted. We'll see how long the eye holds today. On the first bloom, the eye just looked all dark purple by noon. It was a particularly muggy day. Maybe that had something to do with it.

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