Rose ID request (pics)

This is a large rambler I have growing out in the big garden, two plants started from cuttings. The plants are once-flowering, generously sized, thorny, and fragrant; they give me impression of being species hybrids or selections, and don't look to me like Multiflora, Wichuriana, Banksiae, or warm climate roses (I could be wrong, of course).

The plant itself, growing in the usual mess of grass and weeds. This is the smaller of the two I have. It blooms fairly late in the season. It grows happily in heavy clay.

The flowers: double, buds pale yellow and small blooms opening with some yellow in the color fading to white.

Young canes are red; leaves large, pointed, and glossy; the rose is ferociously thorned. Growth suffers from cane girdler, but the rose makes abundance of new canes to compensate. It's a vigorous, handsome plant.

A second shot of the flowers and buds. I think this rose sets hips but am not sure.

I welcome suggestions as to the possible identity of this rose.

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