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Kitchen appliance dilemma's

Hi all - first post here. We are doing a remodel, which includes a full kitchen remodel. I'm trying to select 5 appliances: 36 inch cook top, 36 inch fridge, 30 inch dual oven (one being a speed oven), and dishwasher. Ideally, I'd like the fridge and ovens to be the same brand, since they will be right next to each other. I don't mind if the dishwasher and cooktop are different brands from ovens/fridge.

My issue is: I was originally pretty set on Wolf for the ovens (and cooktop) and a SZ fridge. However, I've gotten pretty worried about the blue porcelain chipping issue / lawsuit / etc. This sounds fairly significant to me, and it would suck to spend that much on something with a concern like that.

Miele is probably out as my wife finds their aesthetic too modern.

Thermador is probably my leading contender: we like their look, their feature set seems good, and we'd be able to take advantage of their great package deals. My only hesitation is that it seems in the past they've had some bad reliability reviews. This may be better now though?

If we want to step down one rung I'm also considering GE Profile for fridge / ovens. I will say we currently have a GE Monogram fridge and it has been nothing but trouble (confirmed by numerous other reviews that this isn't isolated). So I have a pretty negative association of GE and fridges, though the Profile seems to get very good reviews.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Our rough budget for these 5 appliances is 25-30K. Thanks in advance!

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