Should I knock down fireplace wall for open concept or keep it up?

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We just purchased a home and there were some issues with the fireplace, so we were thinking of getting it removed. They can either keep the fireplace where it is and seal it off OR remove it completely, opening up the floor plan. Any advice on what to do?

The front door opens up into the living room, and you have to pass through it in order to get to the other rooms in the house. The space is already pretty narrow. Right now there is about 3.5 feet of clearance on each side of the fireplace and it helps acts as a room divider, so wondering what people's thoughts are on keeping or removing. If we did completely remove it, how would you lay out the furniture so that there's a clearly distinguished living room and dining room? I also want a TV in that living room, so wondering where the best placement for it would be. Also worth noting that eventually down the road, I would want to knock down that right wall in the dining room (with the black & yellow art) , so that it opens up into the kitchen.

Attaching several photo views.

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