Zline support is horrific!

Maria Brown
16 days ago

I have a range hood that is less than three years old and one of the halogen light bulbs went out. Guess what, you have to order them from Zline and if your hood has halogen lights you need to retrofit it for LED

Wait- there’s more. It costs $30 plus shipping

I finally got Zline to commit to replacing under warranty but it’s been a month and I don’t have it. They will not respond to emails, even when I submit a new instance. No one ever answers the phone they encourage you to call and don’t try chat - I got bumped out every time I tried

And guess what I just got in my email from Zline - a survey on their support.

I wouldn’t recommend Zline to my worst enemy. My next stop is the BBB. If I have to spend hours trying to replace a light bulb I might as well spend a few more warning potential customers of the horrible customer support they can expect.

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