Here’s my citrus collection, nice to meet you!

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15 days ago
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I thought I should do a group photo of my citrus trees, but the decided it’s not very practical, since they are all different in size. So here they are by themselves!

The smallest one is my first Finger Lime. It was an impulsive buy at the nursery, they didn’t even plan on selling these babies yet, because it’s basically just a rooted cutting. But I insisted :) it had a really good root system for its size. And you can see there is some new growth, it’s erupting everywhere, but it did loose a bunch of leaves at some point.

Next is my Clementine from the same nursery (Restoring Eden). It is a fierce little tree! Hasn’t even noticed that it was moved from a nursery into a new home, new pot, new potting mix. It pushed flower buds a week after I bought it, and hasn’t slowed down since! Buds into flowers, flowers into tiny fruitlets, yay! It is still flowering!

This one is a finger lime Leola (my daughter helped me name it). It came all the way from Hawaii! I bought it on etsy and couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I trusted the reviews (with pictures) and wasn’t disappointed. It came exactly the size described, and now has flower buds!!!

Here is my Variegated Calamondin from OneGreenWorld. It is such a beautiful plant! No buds yet, but a good amount of new growth, that may bring some flowers later! I hope!

This is a finger lime I bought on Zulily. It was advertised as “30-32 inches lime tree” and that’s what I received. What’s even worse, it was squashed into an 8x8x8 box. The plant was 12 inches tall with the pot (7” from the soil line) and 12 inches at the widest part. I can’t imagine why would someone think a box that small was enough for this plant! They just bent all the branches that were too long and called it a day. A few branches were broken off completely, some were damaged. The top third of the whole plant was bent and I wasn’t sure it would heal, but thankfully it did. Well now I know that when something looks too god to be true, it probably is a lie. Anyway the tree is healing now and looks good!

This is Improved Meyer Lemon. My son named it Mr. Mayor :) it does look impressive and important, he could easily be a mayor of my citrus city. I bought it at the Home Depot! I’m so jealous every time people from citrus-growing states share their haul from their local Home Depot or Costco… Here in Seattle we don’t get much variety. Unless you are looking for a thuja! But when our Home Depot rolled out citrus trees this year, there were the smaller ones and the bigger ones. I wasn’t sure that I want a Meyer Lemon, but looking at how fast they disappear at the store I decided to buy one. I spent 10-15 minutes choosing the most balanced and healthy-looking tree. And now I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this huge plant covered with lemons! I honestly thought most of them would drop, but they’re still here and growing! It looks like there are some new buds on the way too! I tried some Meyer Lemons the same week I bought the tree and now I’m even happier that I have it! This is absolutely my favorite thing to add to my tea!

Next up is my Tarocco #7 from the local nursery. It looked like a stick with bug leaves and a few new shoots when I brought it home. Now these shoots turned into real branches! So cool to see them grow so fast!

This is my Kishu from the same local nursery. It had a couple of tiny flower buds at time of purchase, but then it got all covered with flowers and now tiny fruits! Some of them drop, but most are still there. I can’t wait to see how it goes! It is still flowering and I get to smell this magical aroma, it is amazing!

This is another OneGreenWorld tree, Borneo Rangpur Lime. The limes were already there when I got the tree, but it looks like there is a new flower on the way! I’m so excited to find out how it smells!

This is my Pink Variegated Lemon Lexi that is hiding from the sun behind my tomato jungle :)

This is a Giant Finger Lime from BackyardCitrusTrees (and my dog Tyler… Who thinks that any husky-less photo is a waste of space). I’m waiting for them to list some Red Finger Limes for out-of-florida customers. It’s such a beautiful tree, and it also has flower buds on the way, yay!

And this is my latest addition, Murcott tangerine from Harris Citrus Trees. It was a very sad delivery. Somewhere along the way the box got turned upside down. The soil spilled from the pot, the pot tore the screws, attaching it to the box, and my tree spent the remaining time in transit on its head with roots up in the air 😫 I contacted Ruth and she started the replacement process with Fedex right away. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the tree, but it’s still alive, which is a good sign I think.

It lost quite a few branches and this top part was so awfully snapped, it looked almost like an open fracture on a limb. I couldn’t help myself, and bandaged it right away with some grafting tape. I suppose the easiest way was just to snap it off, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. We’ll see if it heals, so far it looks quite optimistic. I just hope next tree gets the driver that actually reads big red THIS SIDE UP labels on a box. Although in my opinion, if it was packed like OneGreenWorld packs their trees this would not even be an issue! Their packing is perfect, the best I’ve seen so far!

So here it is, my citrus family. Nice to meet you! I’m only missing a Red Finger Lime and maybe some sort of a Satsuma, but otherwise I feel like my collection is almost complete! At least for now :)

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