O.T. Landscaping Fabric- Pros/Cons- How Do You Deal with Weeds???

Lynn-in-TX- Z8b- Austin Area/Central TX
12 days ago
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At our previous property in another state, we had no lawn, but paid yard maintenance crews to come our weekly to pull weeds, trim shrubs etc.

Here in Texas, I have a better understanding of mow/and blow, which doesn't seem to include pulling weeds without a surcharge that I refuse to pay... (to me, the cost seems excessive). At our rental, the bed is small enough ( 3' x 30') that heavy layers of mulch that cost $10 has significantly reduced the amount of weeding that has been needed.

In our new neighborhood to be, we saw a neighbors adding landscape fabric to the area around their trees in a grassy area. Our property will have lawn in the front and backyard, but there will also be space allocated for rose beds etc. This design has left me wondering what on earth am I to do about weeds. Right now, every flowering plant and weed in the general area appears to be growing on our lot...

I also worry about the quality of soil underneath landscape fabric. I am definitely in the "feed the soil" camp...

What are your thoughts/practices regarding dealing with weeds in beds?

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