Calling all large tile format installation experts! Advice please

4 days ago

I have fallen in love with this large format tile from the tile and floor shop. I am not totally happy with the store it's being sold at and I am concerned about how strong this tile is. I did notice that the floor model was cracked and when I tried to move it it seemed very fragile. I love this tile but I worried about buying it and having it break in transit or easily on the wall. The product is new so their are no reviews and I can't find a seller anywhere else on the internet. Does anyone have any experience with this tile size installation or know where else I can purchase this? See photos including the cracked floor model. I am so sick of grey.
1. How long does large format tile hold up and how easy is it for a contractor to install.
2) how do I make sure the tile is strong enough? Will it crack once installed?
3) has anyone seen any similar products? I have seen this in darker blue but never this beautiful aqua. I also like the shiney aspect of the highly polished tile.
3) how easy is a niche in this type of tile?
4) what do people match with this tile?
Please help with advice

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