What is this caterpillar (?) on my rose leaves?

5 months ago

Hi! I am wondering if I can get some advice from you all here!

I recently planted some lovely Winnipeg Parks roses, and they are doing great. However, I noted yesterday that some of the new leaves were rolling up, and there was some white cottony material pulling the edges in. Then today, I saw that on the underside of one of the rolled leaves, there was a lot of silk like material, when I teased that apart, I saw a caterpillar or worm which was about half an inch long! Please see below:

This is before I teased it apart:

This is after I teased that white stuff apart:

So is that a caterpillar or a worm? Do I need to do anything about it, or just remove them when I see them? They are eating my young leaflets though.... your advice please!

Thanks in advance!

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