Need Help with 2 Layouts: Memory Care and Assisted Living Units!

6 months ago

We will be moving both parents from an apartment to two separate units in a Senior community. Mom will have a unit in memory care (304 sq ft) and Dad will be in a studio (369 sq ft) in assisted living. I am trying to determine what furniture can be used and what new furniture will need to be bought. We are planning to use twin size beds for each unit. For Mom, we're planning a daybed that looks like her favorite couch. In Mom's room we'd also like to have a twin size sleeper chair or small loveseat that my dad can pullout or easily convert in case he wants to spend the night in the room during these initial weeks of transition.

For Dad's studio, I'm unsure what type of seating to get him. Should we use a small loveseat for seating or two chairs/recliners? one recliner? If possible, he'd like a small table and chair to eat at and a small desk for his computer and paperwork. He would have 1-2 guests at the most in the room.

For both rooms the TV can be wall mounted where it makes the most sense. All their clothes will fit in the closets so a dresser is not really necessary. We will be moving them very soon (june 30th) so I really need some help to figure this out quickly! Thank you in advance for you ideas--I appreciate anyone taking time to help me.

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