Did we screw up trying to tie the back and sides of house with front?

Konna Spaeth
last month
last modified: last month

We recently re-sided our house. Someone told me since you really can't see the sides and back of the house we could pretty much go with any color. We have an orangey brick house in the front. We decided to go with Georgie Pacific Dublin siding for the sides and the back. We did the color Clay shakes in the two peaks in the front of the house and then I painted the garage doors the same as the shakes. Unfortunately, every time I turn the corner in the cul de sac, I see the green siding and the front at the same time and I did not like it. It just seemed like 2 different houses. So, we decided to try green shutters to try and tie the back and sides of the house in with the front but now I'm questioning the color of the garage doors. Ugh!! Can somebody please help us? We also did new soffit, fascia and eaves and painted the trim around the windows and shakes and garage doors that same color. The last picture is what our house used to look like.

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