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A, troll me I bring proof #3 Summer

George Davis
last year

These are the parts needed for the 5lb insert and 10lb container combo’s. That cut open 10lb container is one I use to check the root systems of various plants. There are reasons the cups are holed the way they are. Even a reason the cup sits a half inch off the bottom. Why the holes only go half way up the cup. All reasons learned the hard way. This will be an anaerobic system for growing till next year when I will change them over to aerobic air system. Now for one thing I forgot all about the 7 out of the 65 trees I have here I could take cuttings from. Their growing on their own roots. Took 33 of those. Those 33 are in the 32oz inserts with the 5lb containers. Put 27 of those into the rack of 5lb containers I have lined up on the 12' board. It’s one week later and they show no wilting in sunlight. So for now I have 38 of the 5lb, 10lb combo’s made for the 48 cuttings coming in. The plan tho is to grow 200 fruit trees in the 5lb, 10lb combo’s from cuttings that will start producing in one to two years.

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