Nutrients for continual harvest

Jason Fawcett
4 months ago

Hello all!

I've been growing hydroponically for a bit now (just a simple one bucket DWC), and I'm looking to up my game. I'm hoping to put together a RDWC system with multiple plants (most likely tomatoes and some peppers), and I'm just wondering how to handle the nutrients. Specifically, I'm wondering how to handle the flowering.

What I'd like to do is go through the vegitative stage once, then set the plants up to continuously flower. I have a smaller Aerogarden system that does this, but it uses a single nutrient solution that is added on a regular schedule. I'd like to use the nutrients I already have, which is a 3-part system, so I'm just wondering: Assuming I go through the vegetative stage as normal, how should I handle the flowering? Should I go through the whole flowering schedule once, and just feed based on the final week's instructions from then on? Or do I need to go through the flowering stage instructions repeatedly on a cycle? Or is this just not possible, and I should plan on just having to replant every now and then?

Just for reference, I'm using the 3-part Flora series from General Hydroponics:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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