Living room furniture placement

last month


I'd really like some help with my living room. I hired a designer friend to do the remodeling, and I unfortunately hate it. He clearly didn't understand the style I was going for at all, and did pretty much what he wanted.

Now, this is what my living room looks like :

If you've heard about that 60-30-10% "rule" for colors, what I wanted was the 60 to be white, the 30 to be the dark grey tiles in my kitchen/entry as well as the window frames, and the rest to be a soft yellow/gold metal accent. I also wanted a cosy minimalist style mixed with some boho accents (think plants, rattan, linen, cottons, some softness and cosyness)

I'm planning on changing the sofa and getting a smaller white sectional in the future, as well as removing that entertainment unit that I hated from day 1 :

But I can't affort that right now, and the remodeling isn't even finished yet as you can tell, so I'm trying to work with what I've got.

I've ordered those two pieces :

and I want to move the sofa slightly more to the center of the room, so that I can put them on either side of the sofa. I'm also thinking about getting perhaps a cosy pouf or a rattan armchair with light cushions to go on the other side of the sofa, just to give the room more balance and shift the visual weight to the center, rather than having it all focused in one corner :

Any tips or advice on how to acheive the look I'm going for (I hope I explained it somewhat ok) by trying to work with what I've got for now is greatly appreciated, and any advice on my future layout is also very welcome!

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