Moving bathroom & kitchen....but to where?

15 days ago
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Renovating the bottom floor of a 1930s rowhouse in a historic district. The house is divided into 2 apartments, and I live on the first floor unit and rent out the second floor. My apartment is around 700sf, and it is for only me.

My goals are to make my living room bigger by moving my bathroom and kitchen, to get a new closet, and to feel like I have more open space. To do all that, I'm giving up my home office that is in an enclosed area (former patio) at the back of the house.

I can't enlarge the footprint of the house, and I can't move the 1' brick wall at the back of the house. I can close up the existing openings in that brick wall, but I can't move them or create new ones. The other limitation is probably not moving the plumbing that comes down from the 2nd floor.

I don't need or want a huge kitchen, and I've been looking at condo layouts for ideas.....however, this first design that gives me the best new bathroom and closet also makes my kitchen intrude into the living room area, and I can't tell if that would be too weird.

Version 1: Am I going to feel like my kitchen is in my living room?


Version 2: Here, I sacrifice my closet to move the kitchen mostly along one wall...


Version 3: Again, moving the closet, making the bedroom smaller. Also, this is with the kitchen all along one that too weird? It's only a one-cook kitchen, but would it feel claustrophobic?


Version 4: Here, I sacrifice my bathroom, making it 6'x7', which is sad and is when I decided to ask if anyone else sees a better option.

I will appreciate any ideas, thoughts, suggestions...

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