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New house: Furniture and layout help needed!

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We just bought a house and we're currently shopping for furniture. The photos here are the living room with the staged furniture. Any ideas on best furniture and layout options? We would like a sectional sofa, and would like to maximize the space in the room, vs. how they've situated the couch by leaving so much space behind it in front of the window. That looks nice, but just isn't a practical use of space for us. I think we'd like to get a small console table butt right up against the window and place the sectional in front of that.

- Currently, it is my husband and me, and we have a 1-year-old boy.

- The room will be the hub of the house - used for breakfast, family time, watching TV, hanging out, entertaining friends. We have a seperate dining room.

- We plan to hang TV above the fireplace (I know it looks nicer to put a mirror there but there doesn't seem to be a better location for it).

- Our style is relaxed, casual, comfortable but would like it to appear intentional and cool. I gravitate towards mid-century designs, clean lines, walnut.

- The house is a 1929 brick Tudor, but most of the original Tudor feel has been removed from inside the house with the remodel. The remodel has sort of a farmhouse feel to it to me (as you can see from the photos). So, this could end up being a hodge-podge of styles and we'd like it to all make sense together!

Looking for recommendations on:

- Furniture

- Layouts

- Colors / styles

- Art ideas for that big wall (currently has three frames hung in it)

Thanks for any furniture and layout recommendations you have for this space!

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