Nervous about buying vintage online

l pinkmountain
4 months ago

I have a set of 3 vintage Faiancas Belo Majolica ceramic salad plates that look like a bouquet of geranium leaves that I inherited from my mother. I am pretty sure there were probably 4 originally and one got broken. I'd like to get a couple more so I can use them in entertaining (if such luxuries ever exist again!). I see they are available online from E-Bay and a place called "Mercari" and a couple of other sites. I've only ever bought online from "" They list them as out of stock. I'm just nervous about using my credit card online with Paypal. It just seems like I get a lot of scamming e-mails when I use Paypal and its hard to parse what is a real Paypal thing and what is not. Plus I'm not up on Paypal security issues . . .

Anyone have any advice to give with regards to payment security and how to buy safely online from some of these vintage sites. I see some for sale also on Etsy.

I really don't want a Paypal account, one more thing to worry about in the Internet "cloud." However, I guess when I have been shopping online with other businesses using my credit card, even if it is a secure transaction, there's no guarantee that their records won't be hacked . . .

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