Closet floor plan layout help!

last month

This 54”x36” closet will be just mine, and needs a good floor plan.)

i need much more shelf space than hanging space, so i want to put the hanging space across the side rathr than the back, if that makes sense.

The first question is: how should the doorway look?

in order to put hanging rods, i have to basically close in the doorway a little. three options:

1) do just a 6” piece of lywood sticking out, front side of clothes completely visible fron bed

2) do a full 15” of plywood there, whoch will hide the sides of the clothes, but be visible as birvch plywood (finushed to match shelves seen to the right in the reality pic.) and should this be set back tye 6” of the bump oyt or all the way at the front?

3) pull the doorway closed by that same amount, drywall, and trim framing the new ooening (opening would be avout 3” wide then)

we are in heavy room moving around and things are just shoved in right now. closet will be built of birch plywood- working on whay the shelves/drawer tower will loook like but firsy this part!

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