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Ben D (zone 7b)
2 years ago

The local hosta society had a sale last weekend. I went with wishlist in hand. I only found one from my list, but bought a total of three hostas.

Island Breeze was on my list. If I had not seen images online, and if I did not have experience with Fire Island, I would not have bought this plant. I'm hoping it will be brighter and more yellow at least in early spring.

I was not aware of a hosta named Rocket City, but since that's where I live, I couldn't resist. And Blue Mouse Ears had not particularly appealed to me until I saw it in person at this sale.

I didn't have these in mind as companions until I got home. Any suggestions on a third plant to place with them (in a larger pot, eventually)?

What hostas have you purchased just for their name? I was tempted by Ice Cream too.

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