HVAC Tech Diagnosed Freon Leak, But Didn't Recommend Fixing?

15 days ago

So my A/C just froze up yesterday and our house is under a home warranty because we bought it 6 months ago, so we had someone through the home warranty come out to diagnose/fix it. The technician who came said he did all the other testing he could, but when he added freon it started working properly, which means he suspects a freon leak. But when I asked how we find/fix the leak, he seemed like he didn't think I should? He said I should just "be good" for a year or so, but no guarantees obviously because he doesn't know where the leak is or how long it took for the freon to get low. I also didn't think to ask how much freon he had to add.

Is there any reason he wouldn't recommend a leak detection/fix? Is he just trying to avoid doing that job while the home warranty is active? He didn't see any obvious leakage inspecting the line, but he also said the line runs up above the drywall in the basement.

It just seems like something I would want to be done now, and not X number of months in the future, when my home warranty isn't active anymore. My understanding is eventually the freon leak will make this problem happen again or ruin the unit. Am I missing something?

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